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Our Mission

Nancy Lieberman Charities (NLC) is a 501 (c)3 organization committed to promoting and developing healthy lifestyles, educational opportunities that have social responsibility efforts for girls, boys, young women, and young men. NLC is dedicated to expanding and ensuring that educational and sports opportunities exist for economically disadvantaged youth from the most underserved communities nationally. Approximately 85% of the students that we serve through our STEM and technology/education programs, college scholarships, civic engagement, job readiness, basketball camps, clinics, and Dream Courts™, are from low-income families. Nancy Lieberman Charities is heavily invested in teaching financial literacy to young African-American women to prepare them for success in the workplace.


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Our Vision is to be the catalyst for the development of young girls and boys throughout the country by using sports for health, wellness, and to combat obesity and mental health issues. Sports is a motivational tool that brings people together, builds core values of confidence, self-esteem, participation, teamwork and decision making. Nancy Lieberman Charities believes no child should face those challenges alone.


Our Method is to teach leadership, health, fitness and networking. We want our youth to be strong enough to reject bullying, stand up for youth and friends that need strength and protection.  We are providing for this generation of youth scholarships, mentorship, and technology for each student to be on an equal level playing field.  Our Dream Courts provide a safe, secure, healthy and educationally-based environment.


By providing educational, health and wellness activities and mentorship/leadership programming, Nancy Lieberman Charities extends its reach to over five million youth per year through the power of sports, fitness, and education. We value creating opportunity for young people of every gender, ethnicity, religion, and socioeconomic status.

Board Of Directors

Nancy Lieberman

Founder & Chairwoman

Kelly Accetta

Truth Coach

Marc Accetta


Deborah Bowles

Taffer’s Mixologist

David Campisi


Tommy Diwa

Diwa  Catering

Vicky Glenn

Dustin Lamb

Bank of Texas

Leslie Ritter

Carla Rosenberg


Brandon Steiner

The Steiner Agency | Collectible Xchange

Ron Taylor


Crystal & Johnny Wimbrey

Wimbrey Worldwide Ministries