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A dream turned reality: Carrollton opens city’s first Dream Court

PUBLISHED November 22, 2017 | News

The chilly weather didn’t stop several young adults, church members and community leaders from heading to Martha Pointer Park for Carrollton’s first Dream Court dedication Monday night.

The court came about through the collaborative effort by the city, Nancy Lieberman Charities and Covenant Church in Carrollton.

The court, dedicated to city residents and the Carrollton Police Department, is a multipurpose play space built in underserved communities where children can have a safe place to play basketball and socialize.

The police department hopes to use this space as an opportunity to connect with the community.

“This state-of-the-art play space will provide children the opportunity to learn and grow, as well as bridge the relationship and communication between the Carrollton Police Department and the city they serve to protect,” said Deputy Mayor Pro Tem John Sutter.

Mayor Kevin Falconer said it is an honor to have a Dream Court in Carrollton where children and first responders can play on the court with sports being the common bond.

The Carrollton Parks and Recreation department also worked with both Covenant Church and Lieberman Charities to bring the court to the city. Scott Whitaker, Carrollton parks and recreation director, said the court will serve as an opportunity to have children participating in something that will keep them off the street and in the parks and community.

Covenant Church’s Head Pastor Stephen Hayes was present at the dedication and gave a few words of gratitude to the people who helped the church become the donor for the Dream Court.

“As we hope to serve this community, we recognize we are just a part of something bigger than ourselves,” Hayes said. “(Our donors) are giving to something they don’t necessarily get to see come to fruition, but they faithfully give out of a generous heart.”

The Dream Courts is one of the Lieberman Charities’ biggest initiatives, with 53 courts installed nationwide. The Carrollton location is the 19th Dream Court the foundation has opened in 2017. Nancy Lieberman, basketball Hall of Famer and Lieberman Charities founder, said the courts are named Dream Courts because it reflects her own dream of wanting to be on a court playing basketball as a young girl in New York. She said she wants to open up even more dream courts in Carrollton.

“Every time we open we open up these dream courts it’s an absolute blessing. It’s about understanding, it’s about teamwork, it’s about fellowship and it’s about helping each other,” Lieberman said. “For the kids, it’s yours. Play, enjoy, have fun and take your game to the next level. It will be here every step of the way. Thank you, God bless you, and we appreciate you from the bottom of our heart.”